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"U.S. Judge Signs Peabody Bankruptcy Exit After Environmental Deal"

"A U.S. judge formally approved Peabody Energy Corp's plan to emerge from bankruptcy late Friday after the coal producer struck a settlement with the U.S. government over legacy environmental claims at a gold and metal mining subsidiary."

Source: Reuters, 03/20/2017

"Budget: Trump Proposes Slashing DOE Clean Energy Research"

While the Energy Department's nuclear weapons program get an 11% increase under the Trump budget, "clean energy, smart grid and electric vehicle initiatives favored under the Obama administration are singled out for elimination or sharp cutbacks."

Source: EnergyWire, 03/17/2017

"Climate Change Complicates the Whole Dam Debate"

"Demolishing dams helps many fish but threatens waters where some native species shelter from drought and invasive predators"

"With California now on track to have the rainiest year in its history—on the heels of its worst drought in 500 years—the state has become a daily reminder that extreme weather events are on the rise. And the recent near-collapse of the spillway at California’s massive Oroville Dam put an exclamation point on the potentially catastrophic risks.

Source: Scientific American, 03/15/2017

Cook Inlet Gas Leak Remains Unmonitored as Danger to Marine Life Feared

"As the underwater methane leak in Cook Inlet, Alaska continues well into its third month, even basic environmental monitoring has been impossible because of ice cover. The ice also prevents any repair to the pipeline or response to the leak."

Source: InsideClimate News, 03/15/2017

"Enbridge Insists Pipelines Safe Despite Worn-Away Covering"

"Operators of twin oil pipelines beneath the swirling waterway where Lakes Huron and Michigan converge insisted Monday they remain structurally sound even though an outer layer of protective covering has worn away in some places, while skeptics said the deterioration is further evidence the lines should be shut down."

Source: AP, 03/14/2017


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