Environmental Health

Berkeley, Enviros Cite Concerns Over Two-City Refinery Project

"BERKELEY -- Oil trains that could roll through some Bay Area cities on their way to a Central Coast refinery will not carry volatile Bakken crude, but another type that comes with equally dire threats to the environment and public safety, environmentalists warn."

Source: Oakland Tribune, 12/10/2014

"Asbestos Remains Legal Despite Fatal Illnesses Linked To It"

"Stephanie Harper of the North Texas city of Bonham was a daddy’s girl. When her father would come home from work — he was a handyman, a jack of all trades, doing auto mechanics, heating and cooling, anything — she’d grab him and hug him as hard as she could. 'I’d sit on his feet and grab his pants legs,' she remembers."

Source: San Antonion Express-News, 12/02/2014


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