Environmental Health

Colorado Doctors Assured They Can Share Fracking Info To Help Patients

"Colorado oil and gas industry regulators have given medical community leaders a written assurance that doctors can obtain and share trade-secret information about fracking chemicals for the purpose of treating patients and protecting public health."

Source: Denver Post, 07/01/2013

"Federal Agency Finds Lax Regulation of Chemicals"

"HOUSTON -- A federal agency investigating a deadly explosion at a Texas fertilizer plant told a Senate committee Thursday that regulation of the dangerous chemicals used in the industry fall under a 'patchwork' of standards that are decades old and are far weaker than rules used by other countries."

Source: AP, 06/28/2013
June 26, 2013

Covering Population and the Environment

As the planet grows more crowded, the connections between environment, health and human rights grow more complex every day. Ahead of World Population Day (July 11), a diverse group of speakers will illustrate how those connections affect the real world – and how those connections can provide a broader context for your own coverage in this one-hour webinar. Free registration required.



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