Environmental Health

"EPA: Buyout Stories: 'We Are Kind Of Being Hollowed Out'"

"Barbara Aldridge knew it was time to leave U.S. EPA. Now 64, she had worked at the agency for 26 years, restoring wetlands along the Gulf Coast and policing Superfund compliance. But Aldridge's husband died last year, and then the election ushered in the Trump administration — and a reckoning for EPA."

Source: Greenwire, 11/27/2017

Trump Budget Kills Funds For Clean Tap Water In Struggling Small Towns

"ST. JOSEPH, Louisiana – On a hot delta day, Roy Bowman fills a gallon jug from an Army green trailer-mounted water tank. All year, Bowman and his neighbors in this crushingly poor, mostly African American town perched on the west bank of the Mississippi River have gotten their water this way."

Source: Reveal, 11/22/2017

"What EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Promised — And What He’s Done"

"For Scott Pruitt, 'back to basics' has translated to 'back off.'"

"The Environmental Protection Agency administrator came into office promising to discard his predecessor’s 'overreaching' focus on climate change and concentrate on what he called the agency’s real mission: cleaning up the air, water and land.

Source: Politico, 11/22/2017

"API Disputes African-American Health Study, Cites Genetics"

"The American Petroleum Institute, the nation's largest oil and gas trade organization, is dismissing the findings of a study on the risks facing African Americans who live near oil and gas facilities, saying that health disparities may be caused by other factors instead, including 'genetics.'"

Source: InsideClimate News, 11/21/2017


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