Environmental Health

"In East Bay, Where Pollution Goes, Health Problems Follow"

"In some hardscrabble East Bay neighborhoods, people die of heart disease and cancer at three times the rates found just a few miles away in more well-to-do communities. Children living near busy freeways in Oakland are hospitalized for asthma at 12 times the rate of young people in Lafayette's wooded housing tracts."

Source: Contra Costa Times, 12/08/2009

"New Frontiers -- and Limitations -- in Testing People's Bodies for Chemicals"

"New horizons in biomonitoring are identifying environmental exposures that may play a role in health problems, including cancer, neurological disorders and diabetes. At their fingertips, researchers already have precise measurements of nearly 150 chemicals in several thousand American adults and children."

Source: EHN, 12/03/2009

Workers Stricken in Honeywell Plant Aftermath

Health problems, some fatal, linger for workers at the Bannister Federal Complex in south Kansas City. It is being closed by Honeywell, the latest in a series of contractors who have operated it for the Energy Department's nuclear weapons program. No nuclear weapons were made there -- only non-nuclear components. But some 785 toxic substances were used there. Despite a $65-million cleanup, workers feel abandoned.

Source: Kansas City Pitch, 11/30/2009


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