Environmental Politics

Oil Industry Gaining in Push for Repeal of US Ban on Petroleum Exports

"After watching the price of oil and the size of their profits plunge, a dozen top executives from some of the nation’s largest oil exploration companies flew to Washington late last winter on an urgent mission: push Congress and the White House to allow unlimited exports of American crude oil."

Source: NY Times, 10/06/2015

Pipeline Co. Seeks to Bar Evidence of Gov. Scott’s Investment From Suit

"Lawyers for a company that wants to build a natural gas pipeline in north Florida have told a judge that environmental opponents should be blocked from 'presenting evidence or argument' about Gov. Rick Scott’s financial interest in the company."

Source: Florida Bulldog, 10/05/2015

"Car Emissions Test Body Receives 70% of Cash From Motor Industry"

"The body examining the practices of the car industry following the Volkswagen emissions scandal has been accused of a major conflict of interest after it emerged that nearly three quarters of its funding comes from the companies it is investigating."

Source: Guardian, 10/05/2015


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