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"EPA Nominee Declines Comment on Controversial Nuclear Incident Guide"

"WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration’s nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency declined on Thursday to answer questions about a controversial new guide that suggests public health standards could be relaxed dramatically in the event of a nuclear attack or accident."

Source: Global Security Newswire, 04/16/2013

Feds Will Take Their Time Evaluating Pesticide Linked to Bee Deaths

While honey bee die-offs often called "colony collapse disorder" have been increasing for several years, so has scientific evidence that a widely used class of pesticides called neonicotinoids could well be an important contributing cause. In 2011, EPA said it would review its approval on one such pesticide. Now it says it expects to finish in five years.

Source: Mother Jones, 04/15/2013

"Oil’s Financial Ties to Texas Legislators"

"Friendliness toward the drilling industry is typical for Texas, where many lawmakers receive campaign contributions from oil and gas groups or have investments in drilling companies. The three elected members of the Railroad Commission of Texas, which oversees the oil and gas industry, have received significant contributions from the very industry they regulate."

Source: Texas Tribune, 04/12/2013

"Coal To Stay Important in U.S. Energy Mix -- Environment Agency Pick"

"President Barack Obama's pick to lead the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency told a Senate panel on Thursday that coal will remain important in the U.S. energy mix and that the EPA will be flexible in applying new pollution rules for coal-fired power plants."

Source: Reuters, 04/12/2013


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