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"Chevron Feels the Heat at Annual Shareholder Meeting"

"At Chevron's annual general meeting Wednesday, the oil giant's chief executive John Watson, the Board of Directors and shareholders were greeted by over 150 activists, who traveled to San Ramon from throughout the world. They came from Angola, Indonesia, Nigeria, Alaska and Ecuador to share their stories of the human and environmental degradation Chevron had unleashed in their communities."

Source: ENS, 05/27/2011

"GOP Presidential Hopefuls Shift on Global Warming"

"For Republican presidential contenders who once supported combatting global warming, the race is heating up. Faced with an activist right wing that questions the science linking pollution to changes in the Earth's climate and also disdains big government, most of the GOP contenders have stepped back from their previous positions on global warming."

Source: AP, 05/27/2011
June 6, 2011

National Security, Economic Well-Being, and the Law of the Sea

Sponsored by the Environmental Law Institute, the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation and Capitol Hill Ocean Week, this seminar in DC features international ocean management experts exploring the relevance of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea to national security and economic well-being.

"Herman Cain's Enron-esque Disaster"

Herman Cain, who recently threw his hat into the ring of GOP presidential contenders, likes to say that what he lacks in political experience he makes up for with his background in business. That may not be a plus. Cain's business "experience" includes a stint on the board of Aquila, which pushed its employees to invest their retirement savings in company stocks and then speculated wildly in energy markets, wiping out most of the company's value.

Source: Mother Jones, 05/24/2011


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