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Corp Behind PBS and NPR Calls Trump’s Proposed Cuts ‘Devastating'

"President Trump's proposed plan to eliminate funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting from the federal budget would "initially devastate and ultimately destroy" the role of public media in American life, the organization's president said Thursday."

Source: TIME, 03/17/2017

"President's Budget Proposal Viewed As Overly Harsh For National Parks"

"President Trump's proposed budget for Fiscal 2018 was roundly criticized Thursday by the nation's environmental and conservation community, which said not only that it would "undermine" and be a "disinvestment" in public lands, but could lead to operational reductions across the National Park System. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, however, said it represents a "savings" for taxpayers."

Source: National Parks Traveler, 03/17/2017

"Scientists Bristle at Trump Budget’s Cuts to Research"

"Before he became president, Donald J. Trump called climate change a hoax, questioned the safety of vaccines and mocked renewable energy as a plaything of “tree-huggers.” So perhaps it is no surprise that Mr. Trump’s first budget took direct aim at basic scientific and medical research."

Source: NY Times, 03/17/2017

"White House Proposes Reviving Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Site"

"The White House’s fiscal 2018 budget plan for the U.S. Department of Energy includes $120 million to restart licensing for the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump in Nevada, a project stalled for years by lawsuits and local opposition."

Source: Reuters, 03/16/2017

National Academies Praise Obama Climate Report Pending Under Trump

"The United States’ top independent science experts have blessed a draft Obama administration climate science report — left behind for the Trump administration to finish — that presents a strong contrast to inaccurate scientific claims by President Trump’s top environmental official."

Source: Washington Post, 03/16/2017

"Trump’s Budget Takes A Sledgehammer to the EPA"

"The Trump administration plans to take a sledgehammer to the Environmental Protection Agency. Thursday’s proposal by the White House would slash the EPA’s budget by 31 percent — nearly one third — from its current level of $8.1 billion to $5.7 billion. It would cut 3,200 positions, or more than 20 percent of the agency’s current workforce of about 15,000."

Source: Washington Post, 03/16/2017


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