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Trump’s ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’ Energy Policies Met By ‘Sue, Baby, Sue’

"President Trump promised to grow jobs by rolling back Obama-era energy and pollution rules. And he’s fulfilling his pledge, but not how he intended. In just six months, Trump’s policies have resulted in a surge in employment — for environmental lawyers."

Source: McClatchy, 07/14/2017

"Massive Copper Mine Tests Trump's Push To Slash Regulation"

"Rio Tinto's proposed Resolution Copper Mine in Arizona would tunnel 7,000 feet underground, where rocks radiate heat from the earth’s molten core. It would suck up enough water to supply a city and leave a crater a mile and a half wide and 1,000 feet deep."

Source: Reuters, 07/14/2017
August 6, 2017 to August 7, 2017

IJNR Workshop: The Great Lakes and the Federal Budget

The Institute for Journalism & Natural Resources invites journalists to Milwaukee, Aug 6-7, 2017, for a workshop exploring the federal budget proposal and its potential impact in the Great Lakes. Lodging and meals included for $25. Lodging deadline is Jul 17. Journalists that don't require lodging can register until the 20-person cap is reached.


Conservative Groups Urge Lawmakers To Gut Climate Programs In Military

"A coalition of 14 conservative groups urged U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday to support an amendment to the House of Representatives' annual defense bill that would prevent the Pentagon from implementing climate-change and green energy policies meant to save taxpayers money and protect the planet."

Source: Reuters, 07/13/2017

Biotech Industry Cultivates Positive Media — and Discourages Criticism

"In April 2016, Monica Eng of WBEZ, Chicago’s NPR station, published a critical story revealing that the agrichemical giant Monsanto had quietly paid a professor at the University of Illinois to travel, write, and speak about genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and even to lobby federal officials to halt further GMO regulation."

Source: Progressive, 07/12/2017

"U.S. Cities, States and Businesses Pledge to Measure Emissions"

"A coalition of American states, cities and businesses that have pledged to stick with the Paris climate pact will team up with experts to quantify their climate commitments and share their plans with the United Nations, vowing to act in spite of the Trump administration’s exit from the accord."

Source: NY Times, 07/12/2017


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