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"E.P.A. Faces Bigger Tasks, Smaller Budgets and Louder Critics"

"Under fierce attack from the political right, and with even some Democrats questioning its competence, the Environmental Protection Agency is facing a tumultuous election year — with rising regulatory responsibilities, falling budgets and its very existence at stake."

Source: NY Times, 03/21/2016

NEB Emails Reveal Pattern Of Off-Record Meetings With Pipeline Industry

"It was the Friday before Christmas and Joe Paviglianiti, a senior engineer at Canada’s federal pipeline watchdog, the National Energy Board sent an email to TransCanada Corp. “Sorry in advance for bothering you during your holidays,” he wrote on Dec. 19, 2014."

Source: National Observer, 03/18/2016

"In-Person, Top-Level Finger-Pointing Over Flint Water Crisis"

"The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality repeatedly gave assurances that water from the Flint River was safe, when in reality it had dangerous levels of lead, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder says." CBS News/AP had the story March 17, 2016. The House Oversight Committee will hear testimony from Mich. Gov Rick Snyder and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy Thursday, March 17, at 9 am ET. The hearing will be cablecast/livestreamed via CSPAN3.

Source: CBS News/AP, 03/17/2016

"Canadian Companies Supporting Fight Against U.S. Climate Plan: Report"

"Many large Canadian companies are financing legal action and lobbying against President Barack Obama’s climate change plan, putting the public and their investors at risk, said a new report released on Monday by an investment services organization."

Source: National Observer, 03/16/2016

"Why Didn't An Illinois Professor Have To Disclose GMO Funding?"

"A WBEZ investigation has found that a University of Illinois professor was given more than $57,000 over less than two years from GMO maker Monsanto to travel, write and speak about genetically modified organisms--including lobbying federal officials to halt further regulation on GMO products."

Source: WBEZ, 03/16/2016


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