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US Lawmakers Press Oil Companies on What They Knew About Climate Change

"A contingent of powerful U.S. representatives are pressing the chief executives of six of the country's largest fossil fuel companies, including ExxonMobil, Chevron and Shell, to answer questions about when the companies first understood that burning fossil fuels drives climate change and whether they became active partners in an effort to downplay the harm that could result."

Source: InsideClimate News, 12/10/2015

"The Inside Story of Shell’s Arctic Assault"

"A months-long investigation shows how the energy giant pressured the Interior Department during the company's gung-ho Arctic push—and got most of what it wanted (except oil)."

"Last May, four months before the oil giant Royal Dutch Shell suspended exploration in offshore Alaska, Christopher Putnam needed to get something off his chest.

Source: Audubon, 12/09/2015

Environmental, Energy Riders Key in Capitol Hill's Budget Endgame

Environmental policy riders are one of the bones of contention stalling a massive omnibus funding deal in Congress as the December 11 government shutdown deadline looms.

"WASHINGTON — The bazaar is open on Capitol Hill as lawmakers rush through unfinished budget business.

Congress is trying to wrap up its work for the year and it's hoping to go out with a bang by passing a massive spending bill and a separate measure reviving a boatload of tax breaks that mostly reward business interests like high-tech firms and producers of renewable energy.

Source: AP, 12/09/2015

Is This Congressman's 'Oversight' An Effort To Hobble Climate Science?

"About 600 scientists and engineers, including former employees of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), have signed on to letters urging the head of that agency, Kathryn Sullivan, to push back against political interference in science."

Source: NPR, 12/07/2015


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