Russian Olives and Tamarisk Get A Little Federal Love

A new report by the US Geological Survey, Bureau of Reclamation, US Forest Service, other federal agencies, and university experts says the water-hogging reputation of the two species has little merit, but found that effects on wildlife are mixed.

April 19, 2010 to April 22, 2010

World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth

The Plurinational State of Bolivia will host this conference on climate change with an expected attendance of  >10,000 people along with government  representatives from more than 50 countries, as well as many more via the Internet and in campaign actions on the final day of the conference, 22 April, Earth Day.

Forest Service Issues Gag Order to Employees on Talking to Reporters

Monongahela National Forest's public affairs officer recently directed employees there that, if contacted by national reporters on any issue or local reporters regarding national issues, they "cannot talk to the reporter"and suggested that the instructions came from "our Washington office."


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