Cool Tools for Reporters Showcased at 2010 TRI Meeting

The WatchDog attended EPA's annual training conference for government workers on the Toxics Release Inventory, Nov. 1-3, 2010. See a preview of the showcased offerings, which have extra emphasis on environmental justice and EPA data tools ranging far beyond TRI. 

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"Black Floridians Await Settlement on Toxic Contamination"

"For close to four decades, residents of Tallevast in southwest Florida lived side by side with the American Beryllium Company, which employed local men and women to manufacture parts for nuclear weapons. Each day, workers inhaled beryllium dust and brought it home on their clothing."

Source: IPS, 10/29/2010

"Rig Inspectors Had Vast Gaps in Knowledge, Oil Spill Panel Finds"

"Members of President Barack Obama's Oil Spill Commission said this week that they were shocked to learn during their months of investigation that federal drilling rig inspectors generally know little or nothing about the process of safely lining and sealing an offshore oil well."

Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune, 10/27/2010

Feds: People Can Take Photos Outside Court Houses

Photojournalists doing environmental stories have been harassed and blocked by federal police for a decade or more when they try to take pictures of federal facilities from public spaces. Now, under a court settlement, the federal government is publicly acknowledging that it is acting illegally when it does this.

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