SEJ Speaks on FOI Issues

Read SEJ's November 15, 2012, letter to US DOI Secretary Ken Salazar about (and listen to audio of) the Election Day incident of intimidation in Colorado. The Secretary threatened to "punch out" SEJ member Dave Philipps, who in his role as senior investigative reporter for the Colorado Springs Gazette raised the issue of BLM's sale of wild horses to a kill buyer now under investigation for illegally shipping the protected animals out of state.

2002 Archives: SEJ Speaks on FOI Issues

November 18, 2002
SEJ Task Force voices concern over FOIA exemptions in Homeland Security Act to key U.S. senators

On Monday, November 18, 2002, the SEJ Task Force again voiced its concern over the FOIA exemptions contained in the Homeland Security Act. SEJ President Dan Fagin, board liaison Jim Bruggers and SEJ Freedom of Information Task Force chair Ken Ward, Jr. signed a letter sent to several key senators, urging them to support compromise language that had previously been agreed to.


Even as major companies recalled their shipments of hamburgers made with possibly tainted meat, beef and pork lobbyists worked hard to keep U.S meat eaters from finding out what was going on. They lobbied to amend the Farm Bill to include secrecy language that would make make it illegal for anyone to publicly disclose such information. SEJ and other journalism organization are urging senators to remove that language from the bill.


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