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When News Embargoes May Endanger Public Health

When NPR's David Schultz wanted to report last month on whether extra mumps vaccinations given in 2009 to Jewish children in the NYC area had worked or had side effects, he ran up against an embargo imposed by the journal Pediatrics. If you worry about how embargoes affect journalists' access, you may want to follow Embargo Watch.

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Election 2012: "Outside Spenders' Return on Investment"

Because of the Citizens United decision, spending on the 2012 election by fossil-fuel and anti-environmental-regulation groups was enormous. The actual results of the election seem to suggest that these business lobbies made some disastrously bad investments. The common media narrative that big money makes big business omnipotent (or omniscient) may be due for fact-checking.

Source: Sunlight Foundation, 11/09/2012
November 20, 2012

Remembrance and Journalism: Interviewing Survivors of Trauma

Interviewing survivors: a Canadian Association of Journalists/Ryerson University panel discussion on best practices and ethical considerations of journalism and remembrance at Ryerson in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from 6:30-9 p.m. (doors open at 6 p.m.)

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State, Federal Whistleblower Rules a Key Tool for Journalists

Watchdog group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility's new guide to state whistleblower laws starts with a map — click on any state to link to its whistleblower law and other related info. Federally, there is currently a bill in play in Congress which would strengthen the notoriously weak federal whistleblower protections.

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Journalists Complain About PIO "Minders"

Gripes about PIO policies are not new. Now an article in the Society of Professional Journalists' Quill magazine takes the complaint to a higher level, arguing PIO restrictions are not aimed at access and accuracy, and urging journalists to resist the PIO requirements in their own work — and to work together nationally to elevate the PIO censorship issue.

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"Watching Sandy, Ignoring Climate Change"

"A couple of weeks ago, Munich Re, one of the world’s largest reinsurance firms, issued a study titled 'Severe Weather in North America.' According to the press release that accompanied the report, 'Nowhere in the world is the rising number of natural catastrophes more evident than in North America.' The number of what Munich Re refers to as 'weather-related loss events,' and what the rest of us would probably call weather-related disasters, has quintupled over the last three decades."

Source: New Yorker, 10/31/2012

"Art That Irked Energy Execs Is Gone, but Wyoming Dispute Whirls On"

"LARAMIE, Wyo. -- The idea behind the sculpture that appeared on the University of Wyoming campus about 16 months ago was simple but provocative: a swirl of dead wood and lumps of coal, intended to show the link between global warming and the pine beetle infestation that has ravaged forests across the Rockies."

Source: NY Times, 10/30/2012


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