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SEJ President Hopey's Letter to Texas Observer Editor and Publisher, and Editor's Response

December 18, 2012

Dave Mann, Editor
Piper Stege Nelson, Publisher
The Texas Observer
307 W 7th Street
Austin, Texas 78701

Mr. Mann and Ms. Nelson:

As president of the Society of Environmental Journalists, I must take strong exception to the wholly inaccurate portrayal of our October conference in the December 11, 2012, article written by Melissa del Bosque and headlined "Notorious polluters sponsor a conference for environmental journalists."

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"Fossil-Fuel Funded Operatives Litter the Mainstream Media"

"Have you ever found yourself reading a news article or op-ed in which an 'expert' from a distinguished-sounding 'think tank' or 'institute' seeks to distort or attack climate change science or, alternately, decries public investment in clean energy solutions, and wonder in whose interest this individual and their organization is operating?"

Source: DeSmogBlog, 12/13/2012

Coal Slurry Database May Help Reporters Find Problem Impoundments

A fatal November 30, 2012, collapse of part of a coal-slurry impoundment in West Virginia served as a reminder of safety issues that may not be adequately regulated in some states and localities. You can locate local coal-slurry impoundments and information on their status with an online public database.

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Pennsylvania Newspapers Get Break in Fracking Disclosure Case

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was joined by the Washington (PA) Observer-Reporter in a suit to unseal records of the July 2011 settlement of a case in which a family had sued four natural gas companies over damages they claimed were caused by hydraulic fracturing. The appeals court said a lower court had erred in throwing out the newspapers' case.

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