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Oil Industry Funds Hired PR Guns to Attack BP, Elect GOPers

An oil-industry-funded PR 'War Room' stands ready to kill or counter any public discourse unfavorable to the oil industry. The conservative non-profit group running it has been accused of shaking down BP. They are working hard to elect Republiicans to the Senate.

Source: Wash Post, 08/04/2010

How the U.S. Media Fumbled "Climategate" and Other Climate Coverage

The Beat


Coverage of environmental issues is a common target of conservative commentators' critiques of the U.S. news media.

In a prominent recent case, pundits, joined by other climate-change skeptics, alleged that national media did a poor job in covering two stories related to climate science — especially compared to journalists in some other places, such as the United Kingdom.

More TV Meteorologists Should Be Brought Into SEJ's "Big Tent"

E-Reporting Biz


TV meteorologists are famously at ease before the cameras, regularly making repeated weather news reports throughout the day, and generally handling the most intense, and audiencedrawing, storm news with savoir-faire, albeit with obvious pulsing excitement in many cases.

But when they become the focus of news, things can get interesting.


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