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Book Shelf, Book 2 — Animal Investigators


Animal Investigators: How the World's First Wildlife Forensics Lab is Solving Crimes and Saving Endangered Species

By Laurel A. Neme
Scribner, $25


The CSI shows on TV brought human forensic science into the living room. Laurel Neme dissects the world of wildlife CSI, with a modus operandi more professional than the glitz of an entertainment series. She illustrates the scientific precision required with true-crime accounts from the underworld of wildlife trafficking.

Veteran Newspaper Writer Finds Teaching's Hidden Pleasures



We're midway through an academic quarter at Western Washington University's Planet magazine, and it's time for second-draft panic.

The spring of 2009 is our student environmental magazine's 30th Anniversary, and we've got stories with no point, stories with gaping holes, stories that ignore AP style, stories with no lead, stories that stop instead of end, stories with no pictures, and pictures with no stories.

Unearthing Unpublished Reports to Congress from Federal Agencies: The Birth of a New Journalism Research Technique

Attorney and journalist Michael Ravnitzky offers a strategy for accessing unpublished reports: direct a public records request to agencies of interest for all reports not posted on the agency's website, within a specific time frame and not limited by topic.


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