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"Information on Drilling Fluids Hard To Come by in Pennsylvania"

"Pennsylvania is one of only four states with regulations in place requiring drillers to disclose on a well-by-well basis the additives and chemicals used in fracturing fluid injected deep underground into oil and natural gas wells. But the state is the only one not to post the data on the Internet."

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 08/30/2011
December 1, 2016

DEADLINE: California Health Journalism Fellowship

Based at USC's Annenberg School of Journalism, the one-week California Health Journalism Fellowship, Mar 5-9, 2017, is open to print, broadcast, and online journalists from California, or those based elsewhere who contribute to California media outlets. $1,000 stipend. Apply by Dec 1, 2016.

June 14, 2013

DEADLINE: IRP Reporting Trip to Kazakhstan

The International Reporting Project is accepting applications until June 14th from U.S. journalists for a media reporting trip to Kazakhstan, a huge but little-known Asian country whose government has been active in global nuclear nonproliferation talks. The trip, August 3-14, 2013, is a unique opportunity to visit a key country of 17 million persons bordering Russia and China.

"Down the Drain Goes Public's Right to Know about Fracking"

"What landed in the Tyee's inbox was entirely in keeping with the government's handling of a contentious proposal by a natural gas company to divert large quantities of water out of Williston Reservoir. When word leaked that the government had approved the diversion scheme, a rather strange statement was issued that began by noting that the provincial Cabinet minister in charge was unavailable."

Ben Parfitt reports for The Tyee August 22, 2011.

Source: The Tyee, 08/23/2011

"Galileo Movement Fuels Australia Climate Divide"

"Two Australian retirees invoke the 'father of modern science' in their fight against the hegemony of settled climate science. But their arguments - and the advisors supporting them - draw from a deep history of climate science denial and distortion."

Douglas Fischer reports for The Daily Climate August 16, 2011.

Source: Daily Climate, 08/16/2011

"Why Bottled Water Companies Target Blacks and Latinos"

Bottled water companies seem to be actively marketing their products to minority groups. Latinos and African Americans spend a higher portion of their income on bottled water than whites do, and surveys say this is because they view tap water as risky. There is evidence that public drinking water systems in minority communities are either lacking or less safe.

Source: Mother Jones, 08/16/2011


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