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What SEJ Offers: Many Members Unaware of Full Range of Services


If you're like most members, you're too busy making your deadline to read all the SEJ literature, email and website content that has been developed to help you plug into the SEJ community and to enhance your reporting on environment. If this sounds like you, please give a quick scan to the headers below to see if there's something you don't know about that might just be a terrific resource.

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From Ink To Internet: Journalists Write Into The Blogosphere

"Yer blogging?"

 The subject line on an SEJ friend's email at first caught me a little defensive. But it turned out that my friend is a big fan of weblogs, or blogs, believing they have the power to transform journalism and the social conversation. Notice, though, that she's not yet blogging herself. It's easier said than done – but also more fun than it sounds.

Topics on the Beat: 

Covering Climate Change: A Story That Doesn't Fit Journalism's Norms


The last 10 months have been important for Andrew Revkin, who covers climate for The New York Times, and those who cover environmental science. During that time, Revkin exposed a White House official who was doctoring government reports on climate change and uncovered an extensive program to silence NASA scientists from speaking to the public and media about the possible harm we might be causing our planet.



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