Natural Resources

"Amid Shutdown Battle, A Conservation Fund Seeks A Lifeline"

"As the cal­en­dar flips closer to Sept. 30, the talk on Cap­it­ol Hill is dom­in­ated by Planned Par­ent­hood and the loom­ing gov­ern­ment shut­down. But some fear that lost in the shuffle is an­oth­er, much smal­ler dead­line that could go un­ad­dressed."

Source: National Journal, 09/24/2015

Water Pollution: EPA's Spill Pales in Comparison To Everyday Mine Leaks

"Politicians, activists, tribes and media outlets have expressed shock at last month's abandoned mine spill in Colorado, which sent 3 million gallons of polluted water down the Animas River. But environmental advocates and groups that have for decades been trying to clean up the legacy of unregulated mining say the incident pales in comparison to the broader problem of tens of thousands of mines leaking across the country."

Source: Greenwire, 09/09/2015


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