Natural Resources

"British Columbia Bans Mining, Drilling in Flathead River Valley"

"Mining and drilling for oil, gas and coal will be banned in the Canadian portion of the Flathead River Basin, under a new partnership with the state of Montana announced Tuesday in British Columbia's Speech from the Throne, an annual address that identifies the Province's legislative priorities for the coming year."

Source: ENS, 02/12/2010

"Can Ecotourism Rescue Tourist Destinations?"

"The tourism industry could fund payments for ecosystem services to underwrite and insure its investments. And by harnessing private-sector investment, billions of dollars worth of vulnerable yet valuable marine and coastal ecosystems could avoid Cancun’s fate, says a growing group of governmental organizations, environmental groups and non-governmental organizations."

Source: Ecosystem Marketplace, 01/26/2010

West Virginia: "DEP To Stop Processing Fill Permits, Develop New Rules"

"West Virginia regulators are going to stop processing surface mining permits that propose to dump waste rock and dirt into streams while they develop new guidelines that force coal operators to reduce water quality impacts downstream from valley fills."

Source: Charleston Gazette, 01/07/2010


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