Natural Resources

Environmental Group Donates California Scenic Coastal Expanse To Public

''Cementing protection for one of the largest privately owned pieces of land on California's 1,100-mile coastline, a San Francisco environmental group on Monday donated to the public the Coast Dairies property - a pastoral expanse of rolling meadows, redwood forests and panoramic ocean views north of Santa Cruz."

Source: San Jose Mercury News, 04/16/2014

"Reid on Cattle Ranch Dispute: 'It’s Not Over'"

"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) weighed in Monday against a Nevada rancher who is battling the federal government. 'Well, it’s not over,'Reid told KRNV, a Reno, Nev.-based television station. 'We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it's not over.'"

Source: E2 Wire/The Hill, 04/15/2014

"U.S. Agency Ends Nevada Cattle Roundup, Releases Herd After Stand-Off"

"U.S. officials ended a stand-off with hundreds of armed protesters in the Nevada desert on Saturday, calling off the government's roundup of cattle it said were illegally grazing on federal land and giving about 300 animals back to the rancher who owned them."

Source: Reuters, 04/14/2014

Wildlife Refuges: As Acres Wash Away, Issues Arise on How Hard To Fight

"Passage Key became one of the first national wildlife refuges in 1905, boasting 30 acres of mangroves and an inland freshwater lake. Today, it sits under the water in Tampa Bay, only emerging at low tide as a small sandbar that is popular with seabirds -- and occasional trespassing nudists."

Source: Greenwire, 04/11/2014

"Everglades Oil Drilling Plans Spark Contamination Concerns"

"NAPLES, Fla. – For their retirement, Pamela and Jaime Duran chose a cottage in Southwest Florida. Here, they could raise chickens, savor the quiet and enjoy the lush backdrop of the historic Everglades. They call it "a little piece of paradise.""

Source: Aljazeera America, 04/10/2014


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