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"National Monument Proposals In Vogue As Obama Prepares Exit"

"The race is on to win President Barack Obama's attention as he puts some final touches on his environmental legacy. Conservation groups, American Indian tribes and federal lawmakers are urging his administration to preserve millions of acres as national monuments. Such a designation often prevents new drilling and mining on public lands, or the construction of new roads and utility lines."

Source: AP, 08/15/2016

"Duke Energy Asks S.C. Customers To Pay Cleanup Costs For Coal Ash"

"Duke Energy is asking for the first $1.5 million installment on what to date is a $500 million coal-ash cleanup bill as part of Duke Energy Progress’ proposed 14.5 percent rate increase in South Carolina."

Source: Charlotte Business Journal, 08/12/2016

"Nevada Supreme Court Blocks Rooftop Solar Referendum"

"The Nevada Supreme Court upheld a lower court decision on [August 4] that blocks constituents from voting to restore favorable rates to rooftop solar customers. The decision puts increased pressure on lawmakers to implement a policy change during the next legislative session."

Source: Greentech Media, 08/11/2016


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