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May 22, 2014

Will the New WOTUS Rule Float? (an ELI Professional Practice Seminar)

Join the Environmental Law Institute and an expert panel to discuss the genesis of the proposed rule and legal, practical, and economic implications of the proposed rule for various stakeholders. Event takes place 12:00-1:30 p.m. in Washington, DC and via teleconference.

Journos Fight Feds To Keep Drones As News Tool

More than a dozen news media organizations filed a brief May 6, 2014, arguing that the Federal Aviation Administration is violating the First Amendment with its limits on drones. The media groups were intervening in the appeal of a judge's overturning of a $10,000 Federal Aviation Administration fine imposed on Raphael Pirker, a videographer who shot a promotional video of the University of Virginia campus.

"Oil Giant Citgo Gets Off Easy in Criminal Case"

"A foreign oil company convicted of polluting a Texas community's air with dangerous chemicals has gotten off easy in a criminal case that could undercut the prosecution of environmental crimes in the United States. The case revolves around Venezuelan-owned Citgo Petroleum’s decade-long violation of the federal Clean Air Act at its refinery in Corpus Christi."

Source: Center for Public Integrity, 05/14/2014

"EPA May Ask Drillers for Info on Chemicals in Fracking"

"The Obama administration began a process that may result in the first federal regulation of chemicals used in fracking, a drilling technique that has transformed energy production while eluding oversight sought by environmentalists."

Source: Bloomberg, 05/12/2014


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