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NY Judge Tosses Exxon Challenge to Climate Change Investigations For Now

"A lawsuit by ExxonMobil seeking to block climate change fraud investigations by the attorneys general of Massachusetts and New York has been dismissed—at least for now. The ruling came from the New York federal judge who took over the case last week after a judge in Texas transferred it to her jurisdiction."

Source: InsideClimate News, 04/04/2017

Hazardous Sites Near You? There’s a Database for That!

The best public database of the risk management plans for many major hazardous sites has now been restored. The latest TipSheet has the backstory on government tracking of hazardous chemical facilities, an example of how the database was mined for some stellar reporting, and ideas for smart use of this powerful tool.

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"Trump's Justice Dept. Asks Court to Halt Clean Power Plan Case"

"Within hours of moving by executive order to dismantle U.S. actions on the climate change crisis, the Trump Administration asked a federal court to stand down on pending litigation over the Clean Power Plan. The legal salvo could keep regulation of carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel power plants in limbo for the foreseeable future."

Source: InsideClimate News, 04/03/2017

Lead Exposure Alters Course Of Children’s Lives Decades Later: Study

"Children with elevated blood-lead levels at age 11 ended up as adults with lower cognitive function and lower-status occupations than their parents, according to new research that offers one of the clearest looks yet at the potential long-term health impact of the potent neurotoxin."

Source: Washington Post, 04/03/2017

New EPA Documents Reveal Even Deeper Proposed Cuts To Staff, Programs

"The Environmental Protection Agency has issued a new, more detailed plan for laying off 25 percent of its employees and scrapping 56 programs including pesticide safety, water runoff control, and environmental cooperation with Mexico and Canada under the North American Free Trade Agreement."

Source: Washington Post, 04/03/2017


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