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"U.S. to Limit Petroleum Drilling on Habitat of Greater Sage Grouse"

"The Obama administration, aiming to keep a finicky, chickenlike bird called the greater sage grouse off the endangered species list, moved on Thursday to limit petroleum drilling and other activities on some of its wide-ranging habitat in the American West."

Source: NY Times, 05/29/2015

"Coal Retirements To More Than Double Under Clean Power Plan -- EIA"

"A new analysis from the federal government's energy statisticians finds the Obama administration's plan to reduce the power sector's heat-trapping carbon emissions would raise electricity prices 4.9 percent above their current trajectory by 2020."

Source: EnergyWire, 05/26/2015

"With Huge Coal Ash Fines, Justice Dept. Puts Industry on Notice"

"The U.S. Justice Department's recent prosecution of three Duke Energy subsidiaries for improper handling of toxic coal ash marked the most significant federal crackdown on coal ash in history and sends a clear signal to other operators that they could face criminal charges if there's an ash spill or major damage, experts say."

Source: InsideClimate News, 05/22/2015

What You're Not Supposed To Know About Secret Environmental Treaty

The public is not allowed to know the terms of the draft Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade pact likely to come up for a Senate vote this year. Yet the Senate has already begun voting on terms for considering the treaty, which may allow other nations to override U.S. health, safety, and environmental protection laws. Fortunately, WikiLeaks has already published a leaked version of the environmental chapter of the TPP treaty.

Is Wyoming Ban on Reporting Environmental Harm Unconstitutional?

A newly enacted Wyoming law seems to be aimed at criminalizing the collection and reporting of stream pollution or other environmental harm. It creates a unique new category of crime called "data trespass." Just what the law, signed in March by Gov. Matt Mead (R), means or does is being debated hotly.


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