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Senate Confirms David Bernhardt, Trump Nominee For No. 2 Interior Post

"Colorado native David Bernhardt’s nomination by President Donald Trump to the post of deputy Interior secretary was confirmed Monday by the U.S. Senate, despite concerns from Democrats who call him a Washington insider and from conservationists worried about his environmental record."

Source: Denver Post, 07/25/2017

ETP's $4 Billion Rover Line Hits Another Snag, This Time In W Virginia

"Energy Transfer Partners LP's (ETP.N) Rover pipeline, the biggest natural gas pipeline under construction in the United States, received more bad news after West Virginia told the company to stop some work, citing environmental violations, regulators said on Monday."

Source: Reuters, 07/25/2017

8 Senators Call for Probe of ‘Arbitrary’ Reassignment of Fed Scientists

"Eight U.S. senators called for an investigation today after a federal climate scientist filed a whistleblower complaint alleging that he had been arbitrarily reassigned by the Trump administration in what he believed was retaliation for speaking out publicly about the dangers climate change poses to Alaska Native communities."

Source: InsideClimate News, 07/25/2017

"Trump Administration Cancels Hundreds Of Obama-Era Regulations"

"The White House has frozen or withdrawn hundreds of planned rules, a move aimed at bolstering the economy but that scraps proposed protections for workers and the environment."

"The White House’s Office of Management and Budget detailed Thursday how it would jettison hundreds of existing or planned regulations as part of its larger push to ease federal restrictions on the private sector, upending federal policies on labor, the environment and public health.

Source: Washington Post, 07/24/2017

"This Could Be The Next Big Strategy For Suing Over Climate Change"

"Two California coastal counties and one beach-side city touched off a possible new legal front in the climate change battle this week, suing dozens of major oil, coal, and other fossil fuel companies for the damages they say they will incur due to rising seas."

Source: Washington Post, 07/21/2017


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