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Kentucky Legislature Weighs "Ag-Gag" Bill

Kentucky is the latest state to consider legislation criminalizing undercover photography of animal abuse in farm operations, which often ends up in the news. But Democratic Rep. Joni Jenkins (pictured), who sponsored the measure to which the Senate attached the Ag-Gag language, says she won't call it up in the House.

"E.P.A. Agrees to Join North Carolina in Reviewing Spill"

"The federal Environmental Protection Agency will join North Carolina regulators in addressing potential violations of the Clean Water Act at Duke Energy power plants, including a massive spill of toxic coal ash last month in the Dan River, state officials said on Friday."

Source: NY Times, 03/24/2014
March 25, 2014

Energy Law for Non-Energy Attorneys: The Regulatory Framework of Domestic Energy Production

Join a three-part teleconference series designed to introduce non-energy attorneys to energy law by looking at the legal and regulatory framework and issues in domestic energy production, energy distribution, and energy consumption: The Regulatory Framework of Domestic Energy Production (March 25), Getting Energy to Market (April 8), and Electricity Consumption (April 22). Co-sponsored by the Environmental Law Institute and the American Law Institute.


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