Nuclear Power & Radiation

"Second Explosion at Reactor as Technicians Try to Contain Damage"

"A second explosion rocked a troubled nuclear power plant Monday, blowing the roof off a containment building but not harming the reactor, Japanese nuclear officials announced on public television. The explosion underscores the difficulties Japanese authorities are having in bringing several stricken reactors under control three days after a massive earthquake and a tsunami hit Japan’s northeast coast and shut down the electricity that runs the crucial cooling systems for reactors.

Source: NY Times, 03/14/2011

"Radiation From Cellphone Antenna Boosts Brain Activity, Study Finds"

"The electromagnetic radiation emitted by a cellular phone's antenna appears to activate nearby regions of the brain to unusually high levels, according to a study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Assn. that is likely to spark new concerns about the health effects of wireless devices."

Source: LA Times, 02/23/2011

"EPA Underreports Radiation in America's Drinking Water"

"Americans remain largely in the dark about their true exposure to a number of radioactive contaminants that could be in their drinking water. Surprisingly, it’s because of intentional decisions by the Environmental Protection Agency, the federal government office that is supposed to protect the nation from contaminated water."

Source: KHOU, 02/22/2011

"Tight Budgets Threaten Pace of Cleanup at Paducah Nuclear Fuel Plant"

The cleanup of radioactive contamination at the massive Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Kentucky faces a major delay, even as contaminated groundwater continues to escape the 5.5-square mile property, likely reaching the Ohio River. One problem: money.

Source: Louisville Courier-Journal, 02/15/2011
February 10, 2011

Information Session at Columbia University – Master of Science in Sustainability Management

Sustainability Management (M.S.) program information session at Columbia University in NYC, Feb 10th at 6:30pm


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