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"Old Incinerator and New Cancer in Coconut Grove"

"On the days when the municipal trash incinerator known as Old Smokey fired up its furnace, Delphine Bennett could sit on the porch of her shotgun-style house and watch the flames flicker from the chimney. On warm, dry evenings, the escaping embers ignited brush fires in empty lots nearby. More than once, she recalls, the roof of a neighbor's home caught fire."

October 5, 2014

DEADLINE: $15,000 Mongabay Grant for Latin American Big Industry, Climate Change, and Biodiversity Conservation offers grant opportunities every month or two to support in-depth reporting on key environmental themes under a given topic. Top proposal receives a $12,000 stipend and up to $3,000 for reporting and travel costs. Next up: Could the focus on climate overshadow biodiversity in Latin America? If so, what would a low carbon world with impaired biodiversity look like? Apply by Oct 5, 2014.

State of the Heart



"State of the Heart: South Carolina Writers on the Places They Love"

Edited by Aïda Rogers
University of South Carolina Press, $39.95

Reviewer: TOM HENRY

This isn’t an environmental book per se. But it reminds you why good environmental writing matters: It’s because, at the root of every pollution controversy, there’s a longing for a sense of home.

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