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Environmental Injustice: EPA Neglects Claims From Polluted Communities

"Three years into Lisa Jackson’s tenure as head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, more than a dozen formal complaints alleging air pollution is disproportionately harming low-income, minority communities remain unresolved. Each of these complaints has languished — in some instances, for more than a decade — in the EPA’s Office of Civil Rights despite Jackson’s stated commitment to environmental justice."

Source: iWatch News, 12/14/2011
February 15, 2015

DEADLINE: Aronson Awards for Social Justice Journalism

The James Aronson Awards annually honor original, written reporting that brings to light widespread injustices, their human consequences, underlying causes, and possible reforms. The Awards also include a companion Cartooning with a Conscience award. Deadline is February 15, 2015.

"In Industry’s Shadow: After Years of Illness, Family Seeks Answers"

The Martins, a Latino family who live in Maywood, California, 10 minutes from downtown Los Angeles amid a sea of heavy industry, suffered from a variety of chronic sicknesses. Test results finally showed "The Martin family had traces of eight dangerous heavy metals and 17 industrial byproducts in their bodies. Levels of arsenic, chromium, mercury, manganese and vanadium were far higher than for most Americans."

Source: California Watch, 11/07/2011


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