U.S. Blocks Major Pipeline After 18 Leaks And A 2 Million Gallon Spill

"The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has curtailed work on a natural-gas pipeline in Ohio after the owner, Energy Transfer Partners, reported 18 leaks and spilled more than 2 million gallons of drilling materials."

Source: Washington Post, 05/11/2017

"Pipeline Spill By Dakota Access Company Could Have A ‘Deadly Effect’"

"The director of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency on Monday blasted the pipeline company Energy Transfer Partners for a “pattern” of 18 spills of drilling materials and said that the size of the biggest spill could reach 5 million gallons, more than double original estimates."

Source: Washington Post, 05/09/2017

"Population Boom Creates Environmental Consequences In Florida Lagoon"

"The most biologically diverse waterway in America is in bad shape. The Indian River Lagoon is repeatedly being choked with oxygen-robbing algae, its surface increasingly dotted with thousands of dead fish, manatees, birds and other creatures."

Source: AP, 05/05/2017


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