Some Unpublished CRS Reports on Environmental Topics: Published

Topics of the latest reports, published by the Federation of American Scientists, include Arctic changes, mountaintop mining controversies, pollution control law enforcement, climate change, midnight rulemaking, scientific papers/security risks, oil sands enviro issues, and fracking/drinking water.

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KXL Pipeline May Threaten Aquifer That Irrigates Much of Central US

"LINCOLN, NEB. -- Jane Kleeb is a savvy activist who, Nebraska’s Republican governor once said, “has a tendency to shoot her mouth off most days.” A Florida native who moved to Nebraska in 2007 after marrying a rancher active in Democratic politics, she did as much as anyone to bring the massive Keystone XL crude oil pipeline to a halt last year."


Source: Wash Post, 08/07/2012

"Environmental Groups Say 10,000-Hog Farm Pollutes Waterways"

"In a lawsuit filed in federal district court, the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network, the Waterkeeper Alliance and Neuse Riverkeeper Foundation accuse a Jones County hog farmer of illegally disposing of and discharging animal waste into creeks, rivers, ditches and lands surrounding the farm."

Source: Raleigh News & Observer, 08/06/2012

"Conowingo Dam Sediment Buildup Threatens Chesapeake Bay"

"On a hot summer day, it's hard to see how the Conowingo Dam could hurt the Chesapeake Bay. Anglers line the shore below the 94-foot high impoundment, casting out into the gently roiling Susquehanna River for rockfish breaking the water. Yet unseen, on the other side of the dam, millions upon millions of tons of sediment and nutrient pollution are slowly building up that could wreak havoc on the bay if they get through."

Source: Baltimore Sun, 08/06/2012


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