"Scientists Praise Energy Innovation Office Trump Wants to Shut Down"

"The debate over the future of energy innovation in the United States was renewed on Tuesday when a panel convened by the National Academy of Sciences released an in-depth report praising a key research office that President Trump wants to eliminate."

Source: NY Times, 06/14/2017

"FDA Resumes Testing Foods For Weed Killer, Safety Questions Grow"

"The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has resumed its first-ever endeavor to evaluate how much of a controversial chemical is making its way into the U.S. food supply. And the tests can’t come soon enough as safety concerns about the herbicide known as glyphosate grow."

Source: HuffPost, 06/08/2017
June 16, 2017

Poynter's SciFacts Workshop: Fact-Checking Claims About Science

Poynter will host a free one-day workshop to discuss the key challenges of reporting the facts about science at its campus in St. Petersburg, Florida. The workshop is specifically designed for reporters who have recently started covering the science beat or topics that include science, as well as anyone who writes about science. Seating is limited; apply asap.

Topics on the Beat: 

Inspector General Probing Whether EPA Staffer Colluded With Monsanto

"The inspector general for the Environmental Protection Agency is initiating a probe into possible collusion between a former high-ranking EPA official and Monsanto, the maker of the herbicide glyphosate, according to a letter the IG sent to a lawmaker last Friday that HuffPost has obtained."

Source: HuffPost, 06/07/2017

"How G.O.P. Leaders Came to View Climate Change as Fake Science"

"The campaign ad appeared during the presidential contest of 2008. Rapid-fire images of belching smokestacks and melting ice sheets were followed by a soothing narrator who praised a candidate who had stood up to President George W. Bush and 'sounded the alarm on global warming.' It was not made for a Democrat, but for Senator John McCain, who had just secured the Republican nomination."

Source: NY Times, 06/05/2017


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