Solar Storm Shakes Earth Magnetic Field, After Reports It Had Fizzled

"A solar storm shook the Earth’s magnetic field early Friday, but scientists said they had no reports of any problems with electrical systems. After reports Thursday of the storm fizzling out, a surge of activity prompted space weather forecasters to issue alerts about changes in the magnetic field."

Source: AP, 03/09/2012

"Adviser to National Children’s Study Quits"

"An environmental scientist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, has resigned from the expert advisory committee intended to guide the US National Children’s Study (NCS), charging that the goals of the massive study, which aims to track factors affecting the health of 100,000 children from before birth to age 21, have been 'significantly abrogated' by its managers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)."

Source: Nature, 03/07/2012

Panel Faults Ft. Detrick Groundwater Study That Found Harm Unlikely

"HAGERSTOWN, Md. -- A 2009 federal study that concluded groundwater contamination from Fort Detrick was unlikely to have harmful health effects was flawed, a national scientific panel said Monday, prompting two U.S. senators to demand a faster cleanup of the Superfund site in Frederick [MD]."

Source: AP, 03/06/2012

Court: U-Va. Doesn't Have To Give Cuccinelli Global-Warming Documents

"RICHMOND -- After two years and more than half a million dollars in legal fees, the Virginia Supreme Court on Friday rejected Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II's assertion that the state's flagship university had to turn over documents related to global warming. The decision was a defeat for Cuccinelli (R), a global-warming skeptic who has garnered national attention for a string of high-profile lawsuits, just as he kicks off his campaign for governor next year. ..."

Source: Wash Post, 03/05/2012

NOAA, Union Spar Over Tornado-Warning Upgrades in Deadly Storms' Wake

Tornado warnings mean life or death -- as recent storms in the Midwest showed. Minutes count, and better staffing and technology can help the National Weather Service save lives with earlier tornado warnings. But the political drive to cut federal agency budgets are hurting the NWS's ability to improve forcasts, a federal employee union says.

Source: Greenwire, 03/02/2012

Budget Crunch Forces Hundreds of USGS Streamflow Gages To Shut Down

Budget pressures -- at least politically perceived ones -- are threatening basic science about the nation's water resources. In recent years the US Geologican Survey has cut back its programs for measuring streamflow and water quality -- which help protect people from flood disasters and drinking unhealthful water.

Source: Summit Co. Citizens Voice, 03/02/2012

"Heartland Associate Taught 'Biased' Climate Course at Ottawa Univ."

"An associate of the Heartland Institute, the thinktank devoted to discrediting climate change, taught a course at a top Canadian university that contained more than 140 false, biased and misleading claims about climate science, an expert audit has found."

Source: Guardian, 02/29/2012

"Pollutants Long Gone, But Disease Carries On"

"Exposure to certain pollutants early in a rat’s pregnancy can foster disease in her offspring during their adulthood as well as in subsequent generations, a new study shows. A wide range of pollutants elicited such lasting effects, despite future generations never encountering the triggering pollutant."

Source: Science News, 02/29/2012


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