"EPA Unaware of Industry Ties on Cancer Review Panel"

EPA scientists in 2010 were ready to declare that even small amounts of hexavalent chromium -- found in the drinking water of some 70 million Americans -- may cause cancer. But the American Chemistry Council, the main industry lobby group, urged delay. EPA did delay, on the recommendation of a science panel that was supposed to be independent -- but was secretly stacked with panelists tied to the industry. In fact, they had helped industry oppose hexavalent chromium lawsuits instigated by Erin Brocovich.

Source: Center for Public Integrity, 02/13/2013

Bacteria Found Deep Under Antarctic Ice, Scientists Say

"For the first time, scientists report, they have found bacteria living in the cold and dark deep under the Antarctic ice, a discovery that might advance knowledge of how life could survive on other planets or moons and that offers the first glimpse of a vast ecosystem of microscopic life in underground lakes in Antarctica."

Source: NY Times, 02/08/2013

Climate Assessment Revives Memories of White House Science Suppression

The release this month of the draft National Climate Assessment garnered many headlines. But little notice went to the fact that it was released at all. Earlier versions of this assessment of climate change's impacts on the U.S. were suppressed — and even "unpublished". But a few voices did take note of the Assessment's release.


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