NOAA 2012 Climate Change Report: Rising Seas, Snow Melt, More Warming

"WASHINGTON -- A new massive federal study says the world in 2012 sweltered with continued signs of climate change. Rising sea levels, snow melt, heat buildup in the oceans, and melting Arctic sea ice and Greenland ice sheets, all broke or nearly broke records, but temperatures only sneaked into the top 10."

Source: AP, 08/07/2013

"Report: Wildlife Agency Ignored Whistle-Blowers"

"WASHINGTON -- Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe failed for more than a year to discipline two supervisors who retaliated against whistle-blowers at an Oklahoma field office, the Interior Department's inspector general says in a harshly worded letter that accuses Ashe of damaging the agency's credibility and integrity."

Source: AP, 08/02/2013

Court Affirms Mann's Right To Proceed in Defamation Lawsuit

"Two decisions handed down July 19 in DC Superior Court affirmed climate scientist Michael Mann’s right to proceed in his defamation lawsuit against the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the National Review Online for their statements accusing him of data manipulation and fraud. The Court is not buying the Defendants arguments in their Motion to Dismiss that their statements are protected speech under the First Amendment, mere 'opinion,' 'rhetorical hyperbole,' or 'fair comment.'"

Source: Climate Science Watch, 07/26/2013

"Science for Hire -- Trial Over Plastic Exposes Disclosure Deficit"

A Texas trial is pitting the giant Eastman Chemical against two small labs who said
Eastman's "BPA-free" plastic Tritan still had estrogen-like activity. The trial raises key issues about whether the objectivity of science is skewed by who pays for it -- and whether financial interests should be disclosed.

Source: Reuters, 07/22/2013


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