"GOP Wants EPA to Keep Sitting On Its Ash"

After a December 2008 spill of toxic coal ash at the Tennessee Valley Authority's Kingston plant, EPA vowed to bring the ubiquitous waste under regulation. First, industry got to the Obama White House to sandbag the effort. Now, GOP lawmakers heavily funded by electric utilities have slipped a rider into the House stopgap spending bill to quash EPA's effort to protect the public altogether.

Source: Mother Jones, 02/24/2011

Can Environment Sustain Quest for Valuable "Rare Earth" Materials?

A US Geological Survey report offers a perspective on the global situation and an assessment of known US deposits. There may be about 13 million metric tons available in 14 states — with the sites generally posing the usual environmental challenges associated with mining and refining.

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"Dispute in Pennsylvania Town Highlights EPA’s Coal Ash Dilemma"

Heavy metal-laden coal ash currently can escape EPA regulation if it goes to some "beneficial use." But residents of LaBelle, Pa., are finding that what may be beneficial for utility and mining companies may be harmful to the townspeople's health and environment.

Source: Center for Public Integrity, 12/06/2010


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