Water & Oceans

"Study Finds Fish Face Double Whammy From Acidification, Low Oxygen"

"Fish in the Chesapeake Bay and other estuaries face a greater risk from climate change than previously suspected, a new study suggests, as they’re more likely to become disoriented and die in water that is both starved of oxygen and has become more acidic."

Source: Bay Journal, 05/11/2016

"Florida Dredging Would Cut Path Across Corals in ‘Crisis’"

"As America’s only barrier reefs bleach, dissolve and succumb to disease, experts worry that a $320 million plan to expand oil and cargo shipments through Florida’s corals could worsen flooding and threaten ecosystems crucial to fisheries and tourism businesses."

Source: Climate Central, 05/10/2016

CA Coastal Commission Pushed Scientists To Change Views On Big Project

"The future of the Newport Banning Ranch site, where developers want to build a hotel and hundreds of homes, now rests with the California Coastal Commission — which is engaged in its own struggle for identity."

Source: LA Times, 05/09/2016


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