May 19, 2010

2010 National Wetlands Awards

Senator Benjamin Cardin (MD) will deliver the keynote address at the 2010 National Wetlands Award ceremony to be held on May 19 on Capitol Hill. In addition U.S. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson will be on hand to present one of the six awards.

May 19, 2010

Resilient Wetlands = Prosperous Economies: How Restoring and Conserving Wetlands Support Economic Productivity

Preceding this year’s National Wetlands Awards Ceremony, the Environmental Law Institute will host a panel discussion that will include a look at new wetland restoration efforts, collecting data to show economic benefits, developments on greenhouse gas offsets, and how to adapt and protect wetlands from future loss.

Several More States and Provinces Hit by Fatal Bat Disease

Bat losses can have major impacts on ecosystems, as they routinely consume large quantities of insects and themselves provide food and nutrients for other plants and animals. There also are economic impacts as caves close to recreational use, in an effort to combat the spread of the disease.

When Mute Swans Become a Menace, What Should Be Done?



Mute Swans retain a mythic grip on people, touching the hearts of those who glimpse these graceful white birds gliding across a misty lake. Yet many now regard Mute Swans as unwanted invaders that trash fragile wetland and aquatic habitat and chase out other birds.

This dichotomy confounds wetlands managers, who want at lest to control growing populations of Mute Swans, if not eliminate them entirely.


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