"In Reversal, U.S. Park Service Aims To Move New Wolves To Isle Royale"

"As wildlife ecologists prepare for next month’s 59th annual winter study of wolves and moose on Isle Royale in Michigan, the U.S. National Park Service (NPS) today announced a surprising change in its usual hands-off management of the island wilderness on Lake Superior: proposed plans to introduce 20 to 30 new wolves over the next 3 years."

Source: Science, 12/19/2016

"Spike In Yellowstone Grizzly Deaths Tied To Conflicts With Humans"

"U.S. wildlife managers at Yellowstone National Park are reporting an unusually high number of grizzly bear deaths, 55, linked to humans this year in a trend believed tied to a growing number of the bruins harming livestock or challenging hunters over freshly killed game."

Source: Reuters, 12/02/2016


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