"Yellowstone Bison, America's National Mammal, Stigmatized In Montana"

"Once staring into the oblivion that is extinction, bison have rebounded in number and prestige to be called the United States’ national mammal. Yet those in Yellowstone National Park don’t fully carry the prestige that distinction bestows."

Source: National Parks Traveler, 09/22/2017

"A 50-Year Effort To Raise Endangered Whooping Cranes Comes To An End"

"Each spring for 12 years, Paula Wang began a temporary position at a government lab in a suburb north of Washington. She was required to remain silent while working and to wear a white suit and hood. The mission was not top-secret, but Wang felt it was urgent all the same; she had to save an endangered species."

Source: Washington Post, 09/19/2017

Trump Team Goes To Bat for NRA-Backed Bill, Nixes Park Service Concerns

"The National Park Service has several big problems with NRA-backed legislation that would restrict the agency from regulating hunting and fishing within park boundaries. But according to a leaked memo obtained by McClatchy, the Trump administration has so far prevented the parks from voicing such concerns."

Source: McClatchy, 08/24/2017


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