Fund for Environmental Journalism Non-member Application

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If you have questions, contact Jeanne Scanlon by email or (215) 884-8174,  9am-5pm Eastern time.

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Where we can best reach you.
To be eligible for this fund, you must be a working journalist whose work does not include lobbying or public relations work on environmental issues. SEJ defines lobbying as professional work primarily designed to influence legislation or government regulations. SEJ defines public relations as professional work on behalf of an organization, institution or business that promotes its views on issues affecting the organization, institution or business. It often involves issuing press releases or other statements to the media.
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I'd like to be considered for SEJ membership and intend to complete a membership application concurrently with my FEJ grant application (see separate application form on the SEJ website). Please allocate my $40 FEJ grant application fee to my first-year SEJ membership fee. I understand the fee is not reimbursable should I not be approved for membership.