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  • Your gift in general support of SEJ Programs covers costs of ambitious plans for conferences, publications, awards and other educational programs for environmental journalists.
  • Your gift in general support of SEJ's Fund for Environmental Journalism will be used to underwrite small grants available to qualified journalists, covering costs of worthy reporting projects that are not yet complete. Winners are selected through a competitive process.
  • Have you thought about providing for SEJ in your will or through your investments? The easiest and most common method of charitable planned giving is by means of a bequest in your will. A will is the legal expression of your wishes for the disposition of your property to take effect at death. However, implementing some or all of your charitable planning during your lifetime can offer some advantages. Read more here.
  • Your gift to SEJ's 21st Century Endowment Fund protects the future of environmental journalism.
  • Donate via Donor Advised Fund: Donors with a DAF can initiate a grant recommendation directly from our website.




Program donations help bring journalists face to face with environmental issues, as with this mountaintop mining tour held during SEJ's 18th Annual Conference in Roanoke, VA. 21st Century Fund donations will help secure SEJ's future, ensuring continued programs to undergird reporters covering environment. Photo by Dennis Dimick, Creative Commons License.

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Fundraising for SEJ's endowment, the 21st Century Fund, is led by an endowment committee appointed by the SEJ Board.