"11 Chefs Changing the Food System"

"In the United States, everyone becomes a chef on the Fourth of July."

"Whether hosting a backyard barbeque or an elegant brunch, Independence Day is as much about sharing a meal with family and friends as it as about observing the nation's birthday. While preparing your own culinary feats for the Fourth, it's never a bad idea to take tips from the professionals.

In the restaurant world, using local and sustainable ingredients is becoming more and more prevalent. Chefs are now seen as arbiters of change - they can introduce their patrons to local farms, local ingredients and fresh, sustainable food. Many have also done work out of the kitchen through foundations that provide access to good food to school children and other members of their communities."

Danielle Nierenberg of The Food Tank reports for the Huffington Post July 3, 2013.

Source: Huffington Post, 07/05/2013