"8 Confirmed Dead in Mudslide; More Than a Dozen Still Missing"

"ARLINGTON, Wash. — Hopes dimmed Sunday for finding survivors in the nearly one square mile of muck and debris left by a mudslide that killed at least eight people and demolished dozens of houses.

Officials confirmed eight dead during a community meeting Sunday night in Darrington. Just a few hours earlier, the death toll had stood at four.

Tod Gates, an incident commander, said that as he and other rescuers flew in a helicopter to the Darrington meeting, they spotted the four additional bodies. The dead were not identified Sunday night.

More than a dozen remained missing, but it was unclear just how many."

The Seattle Times had the story March 23, 2014.


"At Least 8 Dead After Deadly Landslide in Washington" (Chicago Tribune)

Source: Seattle Times, 03/24/2014