"Analysis: Obama Green Job Vision Faces Challenge From Abroad"

"CEO Bill Watkins wants to build a $100 million next-generation LED light factory near his Silicon Valley-area headquarters, but China wants the 2,000 jobs he hopes to create.

The head of Livermore-based Bridgelux loves California, USA, but other nations are offering cash and guaranteed markets, tempting the executive who prefers a 'Made in America' sticker on his bulbs.

'I could solve Bridgelux's problems -- I put a factory in Asia,' said Watkins.

That is the reality facing President Barack Obama, who called on the United States this week to build a clean energy economy, using cleaner sources than traditional coal plants to generate up to 80 percent of U.S. electricity by 2035.

It is part of a global race to dominate what is seen as a potentially huge industry in solar, wind and other alternative energies that offers wealth and energy independence. For the United States, it is part of Obama's high-stakes plan to create jobs in the 'jobless' economic recovery."

Peter Henderson reports for Reuters January 31, 2011.


"Obama Touts Clean Energy Firm As Way Of Future" (Reuters)

Monday, January 31, 2011