"Battle Lines Drawn for 2013-2014 Antarctic Whaling Season"

"CANBERRA, Australia -- The Governments of Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the United States have issued a joint statement condemning any actions at sea that may cause injury, loss of human life or damage to property or the marine environment during the 2013/14 Southern Ocean whaling season."

"'Incidents during the last whaling season clearly demonstrated the dangers involved. We reiterate our call to the masters of all vessels involved to uphold their responsibility to ensure safety at sea, including ensuring that international collision avoidance regulations are strictly observed in order to avoid the risk of loss of life or injury and damage to property or the marine environment,' they said. 'We draw the attention of the masters of all vessels involved to the International Maritime Organization’s 17 May 2010 resolution on assuring safety during demonstrations, protests or confrontations on the high seas, and the International Whaling Commission’s 2011 Resolution on Safety at Sea.'  "

Environment News Service had the story December 26, 2013.

Source: ENS, 12/31/2013