"Billionaire U.S. Environmentalist To Target Seven Midterm Races"

"Billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer will give a boost to 2014 political candidates from seven U.S. states who work to combat climate change, countering political support from fossil fuel interests.

NextGen Climate, Steyer's political group, said Thursday it would back candidates in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Maine, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania who face challenges from opponents who either doubt that humans cause climate change or receive donations from the fossil fuel industry.

NextGen said it would use climate change as a "wedge issue" to drum up voter turnout and to show that taking an anti-science position can hurt rather than help political candidates."

Valerie Volcovici reports for Reuters May 23, 2014.


"Steyer investing in 7 races, hoping to boost Dems and bring climate change message home " (E&E Daily)

Source: Reuters, 05/23/2014