"BP Lavishes Free Sports, Entertainment Tickets on CA Govt Workers"

"Petroleum giant BP's corporate sponsorship of Arco Arena has been lucrative for the Sacramento Kings during a long run that's set to end next year.

It's also been a sweet deal for state Capitol workers. Since 2000, Arco's parent company has lavished more than $430,000 in the form of free tickets to basketball games, concerts and other arena events on lawmakers, their staff members and relatives, according to a Bee review of lobbyist disclosures by BP.

'That's a huge amount of money,' said Bill Magavern, director for Sierra Club California. 'What concerns me is that the ethical bar in the Capitol has been set so low that that a company like BP could brazenly curry influence this way.'"

Rick Daysog reports for the Sacramento Bee October 11, 2010.


"BP Plans To Close Its US Safety Watchdog" (Guardian)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010