"BP Probed on Leak Estimates"

"Federal investigators are exploring whether BP PLC representatives lied to Congress about how much oil was leaking after the Deepwater Horizon accident two years ago, a development that could lead to additional criminal charges against current and former company employees."

"Prosecutors are examining statements made by BP officials to members of Congress, including those from a May 4, 2010, briefing where they discussed the best guesses for the rate at which oil was spilling from the damaged well following the April 20 accident, according to people familiar with the investigation.

Investigators also have looked into whether engineers involved in an effort to seal the well in the Gulf of Mexico tried to withhold data from the government that would reveal more about the true size of the leak, people familiar with the matter said."

Tom Fowler reports for the Wall St. Journal May 28, 2012. You can get an "Article Free Pass" to this subscription-only content by entering the headline into the Google search field and clicking on the resulting links.

Source: Wall St. Journal, 05/30/2012